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Follow the links below to read samples of The Illusion of God’s Presence. I recommend the sample of the hardcover edition because it covers more of the book, but there are missing pages scattered throughout. Try the other formats if you prefer fewer interruptions. Unfortunately the addresses of these online samples may change over time; if a link fails, try another, or just do a google search. The last two links are to published excerpts not included in the book previews.

hardcover edition  (through middle of chapter 5, plus end matter)

kindle edition (through middle of chapter 3)

nook edition (through middle of chapter 2)

google books (through chapter 3)

This is a condensed version of chapter 9 on cults and the evolution of human social behavior, published in The Jonestown Report:

From Cuttlefish to Cults: Can Biology Explain Jonestown?

This piece of chapter 8, on, is the sexiest part of the book:

God is not a prude: This is why religion remains so sex-obsessed, why we pretend Jesus was born of a virgin.