Coming Events

I am vaccinated against Covid-19. I can do talks and interviews in person or online (see Contact page to set one up). 

27 Nov 2023: I will be interviewed for the DemystifySci podcast. This is only the interview date; as of January 2024, the interview is available on YouTube.

27 Jan 2024, 4pm CST: I will give an online talk as part of a week-long series of presentations called "Skeptic University," hosted by Sydney Davis, Jr Jr. The title of my talk is "Can Science Save Us from Trumpism?" What happens when our votes are driven by passion rather than reason? What if our electoral system responds more to extremist minorities than to the will of the majority? I will examine the role of narcissism in the voting booth, the wisdom of crowds, and how science and math might save us from the creeping authoritarianism that now threatens American democracy. For information on how to access this event, see Skeptic University.

24 Feb 2024, 10am PST: I will debate philosopher Kelly James Clark on the topic, "Does cognitive science undermine religious belief?" The debate is sponsored by the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California.




Clark's nutcracker takes flight. Photos by Gwyn Sivertsen