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  • The Great Disappointment

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    I’ve written much about the cultishness of president Trump’s followers, and I’m not alone in seeing them that way, but the election of 2020 will bring a new wrinkle to this story – new, at least, for Trumpists. For certain other cultists, however, it’s an old story. On October 22, 1844, thousands of American Christians, …Read More »
  • Donald Trump, Covid-19, and the Narcissist’s Lust for Sacrifice

    The conventional wisdom is that Trump cares only about pumping up the stock market as his path to re-election. That may be true, but I suspect something else is going on here. Trump craves the fawning admiration of his followers, but he would love it even more if they were risking their lives to show …Read More »
  • Sea Turtles and Intelligent Design

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    Biology is full of examples of stupid design: ugly kluges that no self-respecting engineer would ever use. They exist in biology because the illusion of design in living things comes entirely from a mindless, brute-force-dumb algorithm: mutation, recombination, and natural selection.Read More »