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  • Libertarian Dystopia and Its Antidote: A Review of Adam Lee’s Novel, Commonwealth

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    Full disclosure: Adam Lee is a longtime online friend and one of my favorite bloggers. We have read and critiqued each other’s writings for years. This review emerged from one of those exchanges. I have never read Ayn Rand’s famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. What I know of it I learned through reading several installments of …Read More »
  • Yes, Bonnie, the Covid vaccine is safe.

    An open letter to my niece. Dear Bonnie, This is the summary of my thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccines that you recently requested. You told me I had helped you change your mind about getting the vaccine when we discussed it on the phone, and you said you wanted to share my thoughts with others …Read More »
  • The Great Disappointment

    I’ve written much about the cultishness of president Trump’s followers, and I’m not alone in seeing them that way, but the election of 2020 will bring a new wrinkle to this story – new, at least, for Trumpists. For certain other cultists, however, it’s an old story. On October 22, 1844, thousands of American Christians, …Read More »