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I have some reluctance about blogging. I don’t know if I will have enough time to do it well, and I have no idea what kind of response it might generate. Moderating conflagrations in the comments section does not appeal. But this might be a useful forum for discussing The Illusion of God’s Presence, especially questions and comments raised by readers, so I’ll give it a try as an experiment. I expect that most posts will be in some way related to subjects covered in the book: religious belief and emotion; atheism; behavioral biology; psychology; evolutionary biology; neuroscience; and overpopulation — just to name some of the big ones, but I plan to write about anything that interests me.

Blogging software encourages categorization, so I have chosen the following categories for my anticipated posts. The list may grow as the need arises:

Book – Mainly related to The Illusion of God’s Presence.

Ideas – The life of the mind: book reviews, commentary on alternative worldviews, etc.

Lifestyle – How best to live a human life.

Nature – The glory and wonder of the universe we inhabit as discovered through science, along with personal feelings about being close to nature.

People – Individual people, society as a whole, or anything in between. This might include, for example, political commentary or reminiscences about personal friends.

Technology – How we put our scientific understanding of reality to practical use, for good or ill.

Uncategorized – Anything that doesn’t fit well into any of the above.

I make no promises about frequency of posts. I will moderate the comments section with the goal of keeping the discussion civil and intelligent. And yes, I stole the clever idea for the name of the blog from Greta.


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