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  • How to Fix the NBA’s Tanking Problem

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    This is a guest post written by Danny Kleinman, a friend whom I met through our mutual interest in the problems with America’s electoral system. Here he applies his sharp mind and mathematical prowess to a smaller but vexing problem in the world of professional basketball: the perverse incentive to lose games, inadvertently created by the …Read More »
  • Illusion or Delusion? Atheists Debate the Basis of Religion

    This post is in reply to psychologist William A. Zingrone, who recently wrote a thoughtful and challenging review of my book, The Illusion of God’s Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing. The scientific issues he raised deserve serious discussion, and because he and I are now Facebook friends, it seemed natural to write this in …Read More »
  • Baby Jesus and the War on Christmas

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    Christmas is a microcosm of the biological roots of religion. Read this at the Huffington Post. Share this:Read More »